This is… Odd, and interesting!

“M.U.G.E.N is a freeware 2D fighting game engine designed by Elecbyte, written in C with the Allegro library.”
“The engine allows anyone to create characters, background stages and other game objects through interpreted text files, graphics, and sound compilations. It supports various types of audio formats such as MP3 and MIDI initially, although it can be configured to play various audio formats via Winamp plugins, such as ADX and OGG, as background music during gameplay or at other points such as an introduction or the select screen. The engine allows for most of the same type of functionality found in most any commercial 2D fighting games, up to and including close recreation of those games’ characters and gameplay.”

So, basically, it’s a make-your-own-beat-em-up!
There’s some amusing videos on Youtube – Peter Griffin Vs The Chicken, for starters.

So you’re interested in Mugen and want to get it working fast?
Just follow the steps bellow and in no time you will be kicking some buts.

1. Download Mugen
Goto to Elecbyte site and download the latest version of Mugen in this case 1.0.


I prefer de old version, you can download here: Download


2. Install Mugen
To install Mugen simply unzip the downloaded file to a directory of your choice.
After the installation you should have a directory structure like this.



3. Installing Chars
Your Mugen game already comes with one char.
To install more just go to a creator site and download it.
You can see some of the chars have been converted to Mugen in the SNK and Capcom sections.
After downloading the char go to the Mugen chars directory and create one directory for the char.
Then extract the char files to the directory just created.


4. Adding Chars to Mugen
Now that you have your chars installed you have to add them to Mugen.
For that go to the data directory in Mugen and open the select.def file.
To add chars to Mugen simply add the line “nameofthechar,” to the [Characters] section like this.
In the select.def file there is a more detailed explanation on how to add chars to Mugen.
Be sure to read it too.


One final important note is that the name of the char directory, the name of the char .def file and the name you add to the select.def has to be the same.


5. Starting Mugen
After adding your chars just run Mugen executing the mugen file in the Mugen directory.
You should get the screen on the right.
After choosing the game mode, the added fighters should appear in the select screen like this.
Now just choose your fighter and play.
To know all other things about Mugen just read the Mugen FAQ from Elecbyte.




2 responses to “M.U.G.E.N

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    what im looking for is a full sprite sheet and i will take it from there plz get back to me oz, even if this isn’t something u could do right now i would still like to join u 🙂

    also i am will to also edit all ur aizen sprites to be parfect if u like or for him to look like the aizen edit i did with u can see at my page 🙂 plz get back to me

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